At Vivid Icon, we were thrilled to work with the folks at "ChiKin," a Korean fried chicken spot that's bringing some serious flavor to Auckland. They came to us with a simple goal: to create a new, unique dining experience that sets them apart in the crowded world of fried chicken. And we were more than happy to oblige.


Our solution was to create a playful, quirky character that embodies the quality and authenticity of ChiKin's unique take on Korean fried chicken. We wanted to convey a sense of fun and adventure, while also emphasizing the restaurant's commitment to using only the best ingredients. We chose a modern font family and a bold, fiery red color palette to give the brand a sense of energy and excitement.


We provided a full range of branding and design services for ChiKin, including a new logo, web design, business cards, stickers, gift vouchers, website, and exterior signage. Every element was designed to work together seamlessly, creating a cohesive, consistent brand experience that truly captures the spirit of ChiKin. At Vivid Icon, we understand that building a strong brand is all about creating an emotional connection with your customers. And we're proud to have helped ChiKin do just that.








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