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Let your imagination go wild! with over 25 years of experience, we have crafted in the field of :


Graphic Design

( Branding, Icons, Symbols, Fonts, Colours, Spacing, Shapes & illustrations )


Print Management

( Premium Business cards, Flyers, Posters, Catalogue, Labels, Packaging Design, Newspaper, Magazines & Books )


Web Design

( Design, develop and deploy custom build responsive web experiences )


( Design focused signs to guide, market or educate potential customers - From Shop-Front to Vehicle )



( The real magic happens in this space, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. From a virtual walk-through of your shop, workspace or event to a designed augmented poster for your brand, engaging potential generation Z audience )


Specializing in corporate branding & creative technologies -


We understand whats needed to excel in todays market.

Starting from the basics and working with new technologies.








Shabbir Mohammed

Creative Director

The creative director, Shabbir is down to earth, active and a mindful individual. With his love for design, gym and meditation. He is always ready to take on problems, create sustainable solutions and build businesses and people.


Shabbir is family orientated, practises taekwondo and you can find him playing or watching soccer in his free time. He values relationships, is open minded and understands the importance of leading by example.


Some of his career highlights include working for Graphic Systems, Medallion Graphics, Filmworx, Sistema Plastics and starting Graphic Icon in 1999, which later rebranded to Vivid Icon. With over 25 years of design experience, Shabbir understands whats needed to build brands from the ground up and elevate it in todays market.

Shazil Mohammed

Creative Technologist

As the creative technologist, Shazil has always been passionate about design and technology. At an early age he spent hours working in his fathers studio learning design, building websites and creating while also breaking things.


In amongst the fast paced environment he played soccer, practised muay thai and enjoyed keeping active. Being an open minded individual, he studied Creative Technologies at AUT and focused towards augmented reality, virtual reality and 360 film and photography.


Shazil built his first augmented reality project for Aotea Square Tech Week and worked on the first ever 360 live video for Bocuse d’Or New Zealand.


While working part-time for Graphic Icon, he worked as a graphic designer focusing on branding for major clients local and abroad. He also had the opportunity to work for Orange Group,  Epson Technologies, Huawei Technologies and Mesh Marketing.


Shazil took over the role of Creative Technologist at Vivid Icon managing business development, brand design, web design and new technologies. One of Shazil’s highlights is building a Virtual reality project for Beca Technologies focusing towards a health and safety experience for Fonterra New Zealand.





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